Furano Resort: A Premier Destination for All Seasons

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Hokkaido, the Furano Ski Resort stands as a beacon for winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Known for its pristine slopes boasting even lighter and drier snow than neighboring Niseko, and world-class facilities, Furano Resort is a testament to the quality of its snow, having hosted the FIS Downhill World Cup multiple times. This destination is not just about the thrilling slopes; it's about immersing yourself in an experience that blends luxury, adventure, and unforgettable memories. Conveniently, the town is within easy walking distance from the Kitanomine ski area, providing guests with effortless access to authentic local dining and shopping, enhancing the cultural experience of their stay.



Furano, Hokkaido, Japan

Famous For

World-class skiing and snowboarding, stunning lavender fields, wine, melons and ice cream.

Winter Attractions

Diverse on and off-piste terrain, some of Hokkaido's lightest, driest powder snow, convenient access to the Hokkaido Powder belt.

Summer Attractions

Lavender and other flower fields, outdoor activities like hiking and cycling


Furano Zone and Kitanomine Zone

Ski Terrain

Over 839 vertical metres of skiing, suitable for all levels


Accessible from Tokyo, Chitose, and Asahikawa via air, train, and bus

The Splendor of Furano Ski Resort

Furano Ski Resort, comprising the Furano Zone and Kitanomine Zone, caters to all levels of skiers and snowboarders. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced enthusiast, Furano's slopes offer a thrilling experience for everyone. With its over 839 vertical meters of skiing terrain, it's no wonder Furano has been a repeated choice for the FIS Ski World Cup.

  1. Family-Friendly Features: Slopes accessible by two magic carpet escalators for children.
  2. Longest Run: Stretching over four kilometers, offering spectacular views of the Daisetsuzan Range and Furano Valley.
  3. Services: International Ski Schools, backcountry guiding.

Summer Adventures in Furano

While Furano is renowned for its winter sports, the summer season unveils a different facet of its beauty. Lush green landscapes, vibrant flower fields, and a plethora of outdoor activities make Furano valley a delightful summer destination with world-class scenery.


Year-Round Attractions in Furano

Furano, a gem in the heart of Hokkaido, offers attractions throughout the year, making it a destination for all seasons. Here’s a glimpse into some of the top attractions you can enjoy year-round.

Winter Action

  1. Skiing and Snowboarding: With its world-class slopes and light, dry powder snow, Furano is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts.
  2. Snow Festivals: Experience the magic of winter with local snow festivals, featuring sculptures and cultural events.
  3. Activities: onsen, snow mobiling, ice fishing, hot air ballon, and more!

Spring Blossoms

  1. Cherry Blossoms: Witness the spectacular cherry blossoms that transform the landscapes into a vibrant palette of pinks and whites during late April.
  2. Spring Skiing: Enjoy the tail end of the skiing season with softer snow and milder weather.

Summer Delights

  1. Lavender Fields: Furano is famous for its stunning lavender fields, offering a picturesque backdrop for visitors.
  2. Outdoor Activities: Engage in hiking, cycling, and exploring the cafes and wineries throughout the beautiful countryside.

Read more about the myriad of activities you can enjoy during the warmer months.

Autumn Colours

  1. Leaf Peeping: Witness the breathtaking autumn foliage, a spectacle of reds, oranges, and yellows.
  2. Outdoor Activities: Engage in hiking, cycling, and exploring the beautiful countryside.

Getting to Furano Resort

From Tokyo to Furano

By Air:

The quickest way to reach Furano from Tokyo is by flying to Chitose or Asahikawa Airport followed by a bus or car rental to Furano. Approx 1.5hrs flight to Hokkaido. 1hr from Asahikawa Airport. 3hrs train or drive to Furano from Chitose.

By Train:

Experience the scenic beauty of Japan by taking a Shinkansen (bullet train) to Hokkaido, followed by a local train to Furano. This is a full-day trip. Approx 4hrs Shinkansen to Hakodate, 6.5hrs by local train to Furano with transfer at Sapporo.

From Chitose to Furano

By Bus or Car:

Direct buses are available from New Chitose Airport to Furano, offering a convenient and comfortable journey. Approximately 2.5hrs by road.

By Train:

Take a train from New Chitose Airport to Furano, with a transfer at Sapporo or Takikawa. Approx 3hrs.

Note: Times are approximate and subject to change based on weather and other factors.

Luxurious Stays at H2 Life

Luxurious Stays at H2 Life When it comes to elevating your Furano experience, H2 Life's luxurious accommodations are unmatched. Properties like Arthouse, Kaku Place, and Shochikubai offer more than just a place to stay; they provide a home-away-from-home atmosphere where every detail is carefully curated for your comfort and enjoyment. Each property boasts its unique charm, ensuring that every stay is as unique as our guests.

Arthouse - A Masterpiece of Comfort

3-5 Guests | 1-2 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom | 1 Parking Space

Arthouse, an exemplar of luxury and style, offers a tranquil retreat after a day on the slopes. Its contemporary design and top-notch amenities make it a perfect choice for those seeking both comfort and elegance.

Located: Furano

Kaku Place - Elegance Meets Serenity

2-6 Guests | 1-3 Bedrooms | 1-2 Bathrooms | 8-10 Outdoor parking spaces

Kaku Place, with its serene ambiance and exquisite interior, promises a stay that's as rejuvenating as it is luxurious. It's the perfect blend of modern amenities and tranquil surroundings.

Located: Kitanominecho - Furano

Shochikubai - Traditional Elegance

7 Guests | 3 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 2 Parking Spaces

Shochikubai combines traditional Japanese elegance with modern comforts, offering an authentic experience without compromising on luxury. It's an ideal choice for those who wish to immerse themselves in the rich culture of Japan while enjoying the comforts of a high-end accommodation.

Kitanomine Village, Furano

Exceptional Guest Services at H2 Life

At H2 Life, the commitment to excellence extends beyond just luxurious accommodations. The guest services are tailored to make every stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. H2 Life ensures that every aspect of your stay is taken care of with utmost attention to detail.