Summer Addons

Summer BBQ Set Rental

Summer BBQ Set Rental

We offer a BBQ equipment rental service at properties where BBQ is allowed. Just bring your own food, and we provide the rest.*


  1. 1 Tarp*
  2. 1 Floodlight
  3. 1 Table
  4. Camping chairs or benches (according to the number of guests)
  5. 1 Grill (with 1 grill net)
  6. 1 Fire tong
  7. 1 Box of charcoal (3kg, additional charcoal provided based on the number of guests)
  8. 1 Lighter
  9. 1 Set of fire starters
  10. 1 Pair of gloves
  11. 1 Fan
  12. Mosquito coils


  1. Up to 4 guests: ¥7,000
  2. Up to 6 guests: ¥8,000 (additional chairs)
  3. Up to 8 guests: ¥10,000 (additional table, chairs, and charcoal)
  4. Up to 10 guests: ¥15,000 (2 sets for 4 guests, additional chairs and charcoal)


  1. Reservations are required as the number of sets is limited.
  2. Indoor utensils and chairs cannot be taken outside. Please bring your own picnic items such as paper plates, cups, and cutlery.
  3. Please set up the grill and table set in the designated area only.
  4. Dispose of BBQ waste in the indoor trash bins provided. Do not leave any waste outside to prevent scattering by crows or foxes.

*BBQ set rental is only available in certain accommodation in Niseko & Furano
*Tarp is not available in Furano


Car Hire Promotion

Contact us directly to unlock preferable rates for car hire, tailored to your specific vehicle preferences.


  1. Cars are subject to availability.
  2. Car rental is charged on a 24-hour basis. Guests must return the car at the same time it was rented on the previous day.
  3. Any delays in return will be charged as an extra day, to be paid upon car return.

Enjoy flexible and convenient car hire options during your stay!

Breakfast Special

Illustration purpose only.

Breakfast Special

Enhance your stay with our Breakfast Welcome Basket add-on options for just 2000 yen per person.*

Menu Options:

Healthy Breakfast:

  1. Whole wheat bread (2 slices)
  2. Free range eggs (RAW, 2 pcs)
  3. Corn flakes
  4. Granola bar
  5. Banana bread (2 slices)
  6. Fruit yogurt
  7. Hokkaido milk
  8. Fruit juice

Western Breakfast

  1. White bread (2 slices)
  2. Free range eggs (RAW, 2 pcs)
  3. SPF pork sausage (RAW, 2 pcs)
  4. Smoked bacon (RAW, 2 pcs)
  5. Granola cereal
  6. Fruit yogurt
  7. Hokkaido milk
  8. Fruit juice


  1. 2000 yen per person
  2. Available Summer season (June – October)
  3. Minimum of two orders

Enjoy a delightful start to your day with our specially curated breakfast baskets!

*Only available in Niseko properties